Written assignment ib word count

The essay is developed from one of the pieces of supervised writing completed in class, with the guidance of the teacher. In what ways do time and place matter to this work? This is why I chose to write a speech that mixes informal and formal language so that teenagers can relate and understand it easily.

In fact, the problem of racism and discrimination is really serious in many areas around the world. The goal of the process detailed below is to assist students in producing individual, well-informed essays.

The ultimate goal of this stage of the process is to help students to produce good essays with appropriate topics. Do you want to be discriminated and treated differently from others?

Each student should be responsible for initiating some part of the discussion in at least one of the interactive orals for one work.


Our young generations are our future leaders. The discussions should address the following cultural and contextual considerations: Students may participate as a group or individually, and teachers may organize the discussion in a variety of different ways.

As a student who was a victim of bullying, I want to help others who are currently suffering from this epidemic. I know for a fact that these things that happened to me are outright racist and has to be stopped.

At the end of the lesson the writing must be handed to the teacher and an unedited copy kept on file until the end of the examination session. The reflective statement must be based on the following question: I looked goofy on the outside, but it was actually the inside stuff that was the worst.

To this end students are required to respond to each of the works studied in a written exercise undertaken during class time. Once, I experienced a racist teacher who called me out as a dumb and stupid person just because I am an Indian.

The recommended time for each piece of writing is 40—50 minutes and the writing must be in continuous prose. James Adhitthana Subject Area: English B HL Works: When I moved into Reardan High School, located outside the Rez and out of the comforts of the community of Indians, I was the only Indian there in an all-white school.

To you bullies, I have just described how my life has been affected by the bullying that bullies like you have done. What connections did you find between issues in the work and your own culture s and experience? Therefore, to anyone who is a victim of bullying, stay strong and report your bully to your teachers.

It also aims to encourage students to stop bullying.

IB English B

Although I eventually found out a way to deal with the other students, teachers were also prejudice towards myself. Research also claims that every daystudents stay at home to avoid being bullied at school. Sherman Alexie Word Count: Developing the Topic -- Supervised Writing Supervised writing is intended as a springboard to elicit ideas from the student.

In fact, in my school I am known as one of the smartest students in class and the best basketball shooter in the school. Production of the Essay Each student is required to produce an essay of 1,—1, words in length on a literary aspect of one work.

I was born with many disabilities. One of them was my being hydrocephalus, which means there is too much cerebrospinal fluid inside my skull. From these ideas the student develops a topic and the final essay.

I believe that we should not allow abuse to happen to our young generations, even to anyone! What aspects of technique are interesting in the work? The Interactive Oral The interactive oral is a focused class discussion in which all students and the teacher participate.

The discrimination and the bullying has literally scarred me for life and caused me depression and anxiety. The target audience of the speech is high school students.The written assignment for literature comprises of 2 sections: The reflective statement.

The written essay. The reflective statement has a word count of words and the written essay has a word limit of words. Any citations from the book or other sources will be stated as foot notes and hence will not be counted under the word limit.

Written assignment SL: You are required to produce a rationale of – words maximum, plus a task of – words (excluding bibliography). Work falling significantly beneath the required word count is unlikely to meet the stated requirements of the task and is therefore likely to receive low marks.

The Written Assignment (WA to its friends) is governed from May by the regulations set out in the revised Subject Guide. This replaces the system which applied in. Each student is required to produce an essay of 1,–1, words in length on a literary aspect of one work.

The essay is developed from one of the pieces of supervised writing completed in class, with the guidance of the teacher. Written Assignment Diploma Session May Reflective Statement Word Count: words Written Assignment Word Count: 1, words English A Literature HL Reflective Statement During the interactive oral, we discussed the main theme of the meaninglessness of human life that is present in The Stranger by Albert Camus.

3. Quotations are included in the word count listed on cover/title page. 5. Abstract Page (when necessary) (see Example Page 3) A. Abstract should be single spaced. B. Abstract word count should be listed after the abstract text.

C. Abstract page should be after title page and before Table of Contents 6. Citations and References (see Example Page 6) A.

Written assignment ib word count
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