Write a program to reverse a number in java

Diving n 97 by 10 makes it 9. Worth noting point is a multiplication of 10 which is required to move places in decimal numbers. Java Program to Reverse an Integer Number - Example tutorial How to reverse a number in Java without using any API or write a simple Java program to reverse a number is common programming questions asked on fresher level software engineer interviews.

Java Program to Reverse a Number

This task needs to be performed repeatedly until no more digits are left in the original number. We extract the digits of the number starting from the right one by one and add it to the result.

Note that since both n and the number we are dividing with 10 are int values, the resulting value will be an int and not a decimal.

The final step is to add the extracted digit to the result.

Java program to reverse a number

To illustrate the above steps, let us take an example where a particular iteration n is 97 and the result till that point of time is We will see three different ways of reversing a number. This can be done by multiplying the result with 10 and adding the extracted digit to it.

Reverse a Number in Java

To remove the extracted number from n, we divide n by Reversing a number is also popular homework questions on many Java programming courses in school, colleges and training institutes.

When the program finishes execution, result will contain the reversed number. Reversing a Number using Mathematical Operations Let the input number be n. We initialize the result to zero. We use the modulo operator for this purpose. Given below is a method which takes an integer parameter n, reverses it and returns the result.

The extracted digit would be removed from the original number. I personally feel java program to reverse number is good programming exercise for someone who is just started learning to program in Java or any other programming language because of its simplicity and a little bit of trickiness which shows how to use operators for programming purposes rather than arithmetic purpose.

After each iteration, you have a number with one digit less than the original one, same time reverse number got that last digit as there first digit. The last digit of n can is the same as the remainder obtained on dividing the number by This simple Java program just uses basic programming concept like loops and operators to reverse number.Reversing a Number using String operations To reverse a number using String operations, we first convert the int value to a String using the static method, valueOf(int) of the String class.

Next, we extract the characters of the String from the right, one by one and append it to the result, which in the beginning of the program would be.

Java program to reverse a number using for, while and recursion By Chaitanya Singh | Filed Under: Java Examples There are three ways to reverse a number in Java.

Java Program to Reverse a Number & Check if it is a Palindrome

Write a program to reverse a string using recursive algorithm. Write a program to convert decimal number to binary format. Write a program to find perfect number or not.

In this program, you'll learn to reverse a number using a while loop and a for loop in Java. Java program to reverse a number.

This program prints reverse of a number, i.e., if input is then the output will be Java programming source code. import mint-body.comr; class ReverseNumber {public static void main (String args []. In this article we will show you, How to Reverse a Number in Java by writing a Program to Reverse a Number using While Loop, For Loop, Built-in Reverse function, Functions and Recursion.

Program: Write a program to reverse a number.

This Java program allows the user to enter any positive integer and then, this program will reverse a number.

Write a program to reverse a number in java
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