Westernization has affected the indian culture and values

Economically, it has dramatically increased the wealth of some people and led to a more urban country. Impact of Western Culture in India and vice-versa in Western countries is impeccable.

It appears that everything is hopeless and is degenerating. Westernization is defined as incorporation of the norms, values and culture of the west into our culture. The aspect of seeing God in all- statues, stones, human, animals. Concept of welfare state was introduced and thus Governmental activities on welfare measures have expanded.

Scientists of today have become selfish and are running after fame and wealth. There is now, much higher appreciation for the benefits of yogasanas, pranayama, and meditation. As a result, we have seen a rise in the psychological disorders, divorces, suicides, and crime.

All in all, it appears that though English is getting quite common, the other local languages are not really languishing. There was no whole sale but only selective Westernisation.

Influence of western culture on Indian Society

Major cities sometimes have three or even four outlets of the same chain. How do you treat the colonial history?

Effects of Westernization on Indian Culture and Traditions

No such thing has happened. Few will try to superimpose the Western cultural and traditional aspects expressed in these books upon themselves and their lives.

The globalization has both positive and negative sides to it. Some of the Indian traditional dresses such as dhoti, turban for mensari, langa-blouse-daavani for girls are becoming rare.

The salwar-kameez, kurta-pyjama, mundu, sari, and such are still commonly used. How do different groups in Pakistan view westernization or modernization and why do differences of opinion exist? Once they obtained those materials after a thorough security screening, the trial was further delayed, as the defense claimed Mr.

Libya inSyria incontinuous efforts by NATO forces to create a threat in Afghans by drone attacks to provide enough space to convert them into Christianity, bla bla. The uniqueness of Indian culture is its composite and pluralistic nature.

Westernisation vs Modernisation Westernization is not the same as modernization. How can you preserve cultural traditions, and which ones are better left behind if any?

Influence of Western Culture on Indian Society

Group singing of Soundarya Lahari, kumkumarchanas, homas, and yajnas seem to be increasing. In no other part of the world has religious and cultural plurality co-existed and cross-fertilized each other so creatively. There was also a movement to preserve Indian values. Those who lived in port towns.The Indian culture is ones of the oldest and the richest cultures however, now that the western culture is kicking in, e.g.

goods, festivals, dressings, foods etc., it is impacting on the Indian culture in many ways.

Effects of Westernization on the Culture of Pakistan

The western culture is that it is replacing itself with the Indian culture. Negative impacts of westernization on the Indian culture. Dressings. Over Centuries Indian Culture has influenced by a lot of changes and many of them has incorporated in this culture remaining the other features intact.

These Changes are more or less like two faces of a coin. May 24,  · To that extent, even the minute details of daily life have been affected by westernization with both positive and negative effects on Pakistan's culture. Westernization has been part of the modernization process, which in no sense can be regarded as mint-body.coms: 3.

Jul 02,  · Western culture, considered as the most advanced culture on globe, has started surmounting its flavour on Indian roots. Western culture has always shown its influence on Indian society.

This could be for the multiple reasons like fascination, dreamy autonomy etc., which are somehow absent in Indian culture. Jun 28,  · With the conquest of European powers and subsequent British rule in India has had a profound effect of western culture on Indian society.

Western culture has made its presence in various forms. Westernization is defined as incorporation of the norms, values and culture of the west into our culture. This practice has affected all aspects of life – not just cultural. This is also reflecting in the gross / coarse practicing of the traditional Indian values.

For instance, the sizes of the Ganapatis, the quantum of money donated, the lavishness of the feasts and such.

Westernization has affected the indian culture and values
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