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Meet the Writing Consultants

Who are the tutors? They work with students from all disciplines on a wide range of writing assignments. Students interested in becoming writing tutors should follow the application directions listed on the Employment page.

The Online Writing Center —this service gives students the flexibility to e-mail a completed document and receive written feedback within business days. Each of these faculty members has extensive legal experience and brings that knowledge into the classroom.

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Will the tutors know exactly what my instructor wants? You, however, make the final decisions regarding changes to the paper. Different tutors will provide different feedback for several reasons. So, the tutors will expect you to give them an idea of what your instructor is looking for.

Can I request a particular tutor? How can the tutors help me? The Online Writing Lab — an alphabetized archive of helpful writing resources and handoutsideal for the self-guided student. If you do not receive your password in a few minutes, please check your spam filter.

If you are unsure of a suggestion, you might take your paper to another tutor for a different perspective, take it to your instructor, or decide on your own what you want to do. Their primary task is to provide you with an objective reader who will help you look at your writing more critically and carefully.

Writing Center Resources

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The Writing Lab — an informal time for works in progress. Will every tutor provide the same advice? Second, they are giving you alternate perspectives on your work.

The Writing Center offers five different types of services depending on where you are in the writing process and your flexibility needs: Your task is to listen to what they say, ask questions of them, and evaluate their comments to determine what changes you want to make in your paper, if any.

Therefore, we emphasize the development of Lawyering Skills and Strategies skills in the first year curriculum, in a two-semester, four-hour required course.

Through the use of best strategies and thoughtful questioning, writing consultants can guide you to clearer writing, tighter focus, and enhanced critical thinking.

Will my paper be ready for me to submit to my instructor after a tutoring session? In the spring semester, Legal Research and Advocacy, the writing focus is on persuasive and reflective writing, and students broaden their research skills.

Fill out the form below to remove your number immediately. Remove Cell Phone Number Receiving unwanted text messages from this system? In the fall semester, Legal Research, Analysis, and Predictive Writing students focus on learning basic legal research and legal analysis, with emphasis on synthesis of cases to derive rules, interaction between statutes and cases, and application of the law to particular fact situations.

Writing Center

You can prepare for your tutoring session in several ways: Writing Consultants do not edit papers, proofread, dictate content, or predict what grade an assignment might earn; rather, the consultant assumes the role of an interested reader, concerned with the topic and whether the student?

Students then repeat the synthesis and analysis process in a complete memorandum, but they first must research the law independently to find law applicable to the issues presented.

The tutors do have access to many reference manuals and style guides, and they will offer suggestions on the paper.

Creative Writing Program

We recommend that if you want to request a particular tutor, you schedule a face-to-face session. Many different approaches could work.

How do I prepare for my tutorial? Lawyering Skills and Strategies at the University of Houston is taught to full-time and part-time students by eight full-time and one part-time Clinical Professors of Lawyering Skills and Strategies. In face-to-face or online tutoring sessions, you assume sole responsibility for the final product.

Writing consultants are available as needed for guidance as you write. Students first synthesize case law that is provided to them, apply the derived rules of law to a given fact situation, and present the analysis in a written discussion as the major section of an office memorandum.

Please be aware that we will need written permission from an instructor before we can review essay exams. Your real-time live Online General Writing Consultations will be accessible through the scheduling system click your scheduled consultation at the time of the appointment to gain access.

The Online Writing Consultation — a writing consultation via IM or video chat for students who are off campus.Improve Your Writing Acumen. The Writing Center at University of Houston-Clear Lake assists students, faculty, staff and alumni with both academic and personal writing projects.

The Writing Center is here to help you become a stronger, more effective writer. We work with students at any stage of the writing process. Most UHCL students don’t pay the full cost of college on their own. Last year, for example, two out of three UHCL students received some kind of aid package.

The faculty and staff of the University of Houston Creative Writing Program work hard to ensure that their students have a rich and engaging graduate education.

The mission of UH's Writing Center includes reaching out to the University at large, working with college deans, department chairs, faculty, and their students to identify discipline specific. The consultants who work at the Writing Center come from all major fields of study, speak a variety of languages, and are a valuable resource at the University of Houston.

University of houston writing center
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