To what extent does genetic inheritance

The case study of Genie can be used to illustrate the importance of the environment in normal behaviour. Behavioural Genetics is the understanding of how genetics and environment contribute to individual variations in human behaviour, where the premise is that the inheritance of DNA influences behaviour.

Explained by niche picking Scarr and McCartney,which supports genetic influence on intelligence. Researchers gave them approximately 50 hours of psychological and physiological testing. Kamin argued that the MZTs spent a substantial amount of time together, suggesting that their environments were not completely different.

However, we are still at an early stage in this journey, and we must take care to overcome some significant remaining hurdles if we are to be confident in drawing conclusions from these studies. It is thought that what is inherited is the gene that can lead to the development of the specific behaviour, not the behaviour itself.

At the moment we understand very few of these processes clearly. A good example of this are the controversial comments about IQ and genetics made by British politician Boris Johnson. See the video above for more. Environmental factors such as race have also been found to have an influence on intelligence levels Introduce adoption studies: The brain scans also illustrate decreased communication between the amygdala and perigenual anterior cingulate cortex for S allele individuals compared to L allele individuals.

It cannot be said that a single gene is responsible for a specific behaviour — but it is a building block. Similar findings have also been found by other, better-controlled studies Pederson et al.

Try to summarise their conclusions in your own words. It is therefore an evaluation issue that you can use repeatedly in your essays, providing you understand it and link it clearly to the topic you have been asked about! Scarr and Weinberg Assumptions, aims and introduction: Family studies Study behaviour between family members who have similar genetics to different degrees.

Genes are not behaviours.

What point are they trying to make? The researchers found no significant difference in IQ correlations. This is absolutely crucial! Study 2 - Caspi et al - 5-HTT gene and the influence of life stress on depression The causes of depression are numerous, and vary a great deal from person to person.

Supported by Plomin and Petrill Found concordance rates of IQ between biological parent and child increase over time It is possible that genetic predisposition influences individuals to tend towards environments that accentuate that disposition, thus leading to increased heritability throughout their lifespan.

Triangulating evidence Although we have not looked at any genetic evidence in previous parts of the course, this does not meant that it is totally irrelevant.

You will still be able to use the same pieces of information, but how you use them may vary. Conducted a meta-analysis — statistical synthesis of data that yields a quantitative summary of pooled results Reviewed studies of intelligence correlations between siblings.

Therefore it is impossible to draw clear links between genetics and behaviour, without a thorough understanding of the environment in which those genes are being expressed. Genes are considered responsible for the development of behavioural characteristics.To what extent does Genetic Inheritance influence Behavior?

Key researchers of the "gene" Watson, Crick, Wilkins (): Structure of DNA Gregor Mendel. To what extent does genetic inheritance influence behaviour?

Use relevant research studies in your response. In this essay, I am going to be focusing on the influence of genetic inheritance on behaviour. Behavioural genetics deals with understanding how both genetics and the environment contribute to individual variations in human behaviour.

“To what extent does genetic inheritance influence behavior?” A debate of nature vs. nurture, as in whether it is our inherited genes or environmental factors. To what extent does genetic inheritance influence behaviour?

Use relevant research studies in your response. There is and has been for a long time now a controversy within the psychology science.

With reference to relevant research studies, to what extent does genetic inheritance influence behaviour? (22 marks) Command term “TO WHAT EXTENT” - consider the merits or otherwise of an argument or concept.

Opinions and conclusions should be presented clearly and supported with appropriate evidence and sound argument. With reference to relevant to research studies, to what extent does genetic inheritance influence behaviour.

Introduction. State what you are doing in the essay.

To what extent does genetic inheritance
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