The events of the sharpeville massacre of march 21 1960

We have already stated the second element that bears on this issue - that the ANC only opted to exercise its right to resort to a just war when the apartheid regime closed all avenues to a peaceful resolution of the injustice represented by colonialism of a special type.

One little boy had on an old blanket coat, which he held up behind his head, thinking, perhaps, that it might save him from the bullets. They are probably not prepared to risk incurring the displeasure of European trade unions.

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Pass laws intended to control and direct their movement and employment were updated in the s. This system originated in in the Cape Colony to regulate the movement of slaves between the urban and the rural areas.

Eyewitness accounts of the Sharpeville massacre 1960

It also came to symbolize that struggle. During those five months, roughly 25, people were arrested throughout the nation. The fact that these deaths occurred in Cato Manor only a few weeks before the demonstration at Sharpeville must have been well known to the police gathered at the police station in Sharpeville that morning.

In the period since the outbreak of the Second World War, there are many examples of such wars with which the TRC could familiarise itself. During the morning news spread through the township that a statement concerning passes would be made by an important person at the police station later that day.

Apartheid oppression and repression were therefore not an aberration of a well-intentioned undertaking that went horribly wrong. The attack was carried out to commemorate the June 14 raid on Gaberone, in which 12 people were killed of which only five were ANC members and none was MK.

10 things you need to know about the Sharpeville Massacre

It is somewhat ironical that the outrage that was perpetrated at Sharpeville should have occurred at a place which had already earned a high reputation for African housing. Later that day Africans attacked a police picket and were driven off with sten guns.

Subsequently, the system was extended in various forms to the whole country and was eventually collated in the Native Urban Areas Consolidation Act of Without transformation to end the disparities of privilege and deprivation which are the legacy we have inherited from our colonial and apartheid past, but which continue to define the present, national reconciliation is impossible.

Some of the details are accurate, and yet others are exaggerated or part of deliberate attempts to mislead the commissions. A top secret document dated 13 March stated that FW de Klerk was "briefed on a broad spectrum of sensitive projects" and had given his approval "in principle" on "the running of Stratkom projects".

Sharpeville Precincts, Evaton Renewal, township upgrading and beautification in areas such as Zamdela and others. Over people were injured, of which over 70 were members or employees of the armed forces. In the ANC adopted a Programme of Action which sought to realise the above objectives, using new methods of direct action such as boycotts, strikes and civil disobedience if necessary.

I think the police were scared though, and I think the crowd knew it. An ugly situation developed in which nine policemen lost their lives.POLOKWANE – The Sharpeville massacre occurred on 21 Marchat the Sharpeville police station where 69 people were killed and injured.

The Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) proposed an anti-Pass campaign to begin on 21 March Black men gathered at Sharpeville without passes and presented.

List of events named massacres

History records that on May 13,the treaty which ended the Anglo-Boer war was signed at Vereeniging, then a small town some thirty miles from Johannesburg. Nobody could then have realised that some fifty-eight years later the whole world would learn of another event occurring in that part of the Transvaal; this time in the African township of Sharpeville.

Sharpeville massacre

ARTICLES. Inter-race soccer and the riots in Durban, South Africa. Mphumeleli Ngidi. Mphumeleli Ngidi is a PhD student in the Department of. The following is a list of events for which one of the commonly accepted names includes the word "massacre."Massacre is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as "the indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people or (less commonly) animals; carnage, butchery, slaughter in numbers".

It also states that the term is used "in the names of certain massacres. We are here for you to provide the important current affairs March 21 which have unique updates of all daily events from all newspapers such as The Hindu, The Economic Times, PIB, Times of India, India Today, Indian Express, Business Standard, all Government official websites.

Our complete current affairs helps you to get more. The day of the Massacre, mourning the dead and getting over the shock of the event © Baileys African History Archive (BAHA) Tom Petrus.

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The events of the sharpeville massacre of march 21 1960
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