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Music writing[ edit ] House is also a music journalist and a contributing editor to No Depression magazine, for which he has written features on Lucinda WilliamsDelbert McClintonand many others.

Books mentioned in this post. Key West and kidnapping, not so much. The latter two plays were both subsequently staged at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival. I took long walks in the woods and put myself into the mind of a little boy whose parents have split, seeing the world with his sense of wonder, his heightened sensitivity.

I can only write a novel properly if I have practiced total immersion, much like the baptism into the fundamentalist church that Asher experienced as a teenager.

The advantages to this are that the island is not crowded and everything is cheaper.

Silas’ House, a Parchment of Leaves Essay

So he kidnaps nine-year-old Justin and they run off from the rolling green hills outside Nashville to the balminess — and balm — of Key West. The first time I went to the island, I already knew I wanted to write a novel about a parent kidnapping a child and I had started creating my main characters.

And not only does Key West talk the talk, it walks the walk, remaining one of the major places in America to celebrate diversity, open-mindedness, and compassion. He wrote an editorial for The New York Times [6] about the fight for gay equality in small towns that led to him being invited to speak at the Library of Congress in August There is difficulty, too, of course: One afternoon I went into a gas station and saw a state trooper in line.

Except for his son. House serves on the board of Appalachian Voicesthe major clearing house for grassroots organizations fighting mountaintop removal, was a speaker in at Appalachia Rising, a major protest in Washington D.

Asher, a fundamentalist preacher who makes a courageous stand for equality and loses his church and his marriage because of it, decides that he is prepared to give up everything for what he believes in.

Southernmost is his most recent book. Lee Smith wrote the introduction. In recent years House has become increasingly outspoken on bullying and fairness issues. House is also a playwright. The book is a series of profiles of various anti-mountaintop removal activists from the region, including musician Jean Ritchie, author Denise Giardina, and activist Judy Bonds.


The book emerged as a number one bestseller on the Southern lists and received the first annual Storylines Prize from the New York Public Library system, an award given to a book for use in the ESL and literacy programs of New York City.

Once I spied a couple dancing together on their porch during this hushed time.Silas House Essay. Length: words ( double-spaced pages) Rating: Good Essays.

Open Document. Essay Preview. I read a few chapters from Silas Houses novel A Parchment of Leaves its set in Kentucky. The story is about a young Cherokee Indian woman in the early ’s. The young woman’s name is vine she live in the hills of Kentucky.

A PARCHMENT OF LEAVES. by Silas House. BUY NOW FROM by Silas House Fiction. THE COAL TATTOO. by Silas House Fiction. CLAY’S QUILT. by Silas House SIMILAR BOOKS SUGGESTED BY OUR CRITICS: Indie. SHADOW MOUNTAIN. Essays & Anthologies Fiction &.

A Parchment of Leaves [Silas House] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ina Cherokee woman who leaves her community to marry a white man finds herself isolated and discriminated against as she tries to settle in to her new life/5(88).

Silas House is the author of five novels, including the New York Times bestseller A Parchment of Leaves. He is a frequent contributor to The New York Times and a former commentator for NPR’s All Things Considered. Silas House; Born: Silas Dwane House August 7, (age 47) Lily, Laurel County, Kentucky: Occupation He followed with A Parchment of Leaves (), which became a national bestseller and was nominated for several major awards.

The book was a finalist for the Southern Book Critics' Circle Prize and won the Award for Special Achievement. Silas House’s, A Parchment of Leaves plays through the life of one of House’s most vivid and compassionate characters, Vine, a full blood Cherokee raised in the rural mountains of Kentucky.

House’s use of spiritual surroundings displays the beauty and wonder that structures the novel.

Silas house a parchment of leaves essay
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