Save our wildlife and forest for

Save Wildlife Slogans

It is extremely rewarding. Perhaps the most famous of all wild creatures is the tiger. Send e-mails instead of faxes or paper mail, and use electronic memos and instead of paper bulletins. This stresses wildlife populations as there are fewer homes and food sources for wildlife to survive.

And once a man-eater is always a man- eater because man is the softest target. For conservation to become more successful it requires a greater involvement by the average person who is usually distanced from the issues and wildlife itself.

Pesticides and toxic chemical being widely used, making the environment toxic to certain plants, insects, and rodents. The protected area network till 1 consisted of 75 national parks and sanctuaries covering 4. Support forest conservation work: You can contribute to wildlife conservation.

This poison was used to kill flocks of "pest" birds starlings, pigeons, and sparrows. A simple fact - the rhino horn is made of the same stuff keratin as your finger nail. First ask yourself if you really need to print that document.

Tigers are subjected to utmost brutality by man, the most intelligent and evolved animal on the earth. There is plenty of beef, chicken, fish and other meats available. There is much pressure on our natural resources including forests. There is much pressure on forests and the relation between men and forests has reached the lowest depth.

We will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught. Dignitaries, collectors, and the Marine Color Guard had their pictures taken with Deshka to remember this historical event.

Tropical forests and dry lands.

The Fight to Save Our Forests and Wildlife

This image is free to use under a creative commons license but please credit the original authors and me:The Fight to Save Our Forests and Wildlife. Apr 4, | Features. “Between andthe state had more than 20 million acres of hardwood forest,” says Jeffrey Stant, Indiana Forest Alliance executive director.

Six women who work to save the world’s most endangered wildlife

“In less than a century, they cut it down to less than 1 million acres.” At present, the state has just under 5. Oct 04,  · POST's campaign will protect redwood habitat for all the creatures that depend on it.

Many wild animals in our region need large, undeveloped tracts of land.

Why You Should Care About Wildlife

Why Forests Matter Forests are essential for people. They provide clean cool water, a safe climate, homes for wildlife, amazing outdoor spaces for all of us to enjoy, as well as wood for our homes and myriad other products. This much is clear: we cannot afford to fail in our mission to save a living planet.

WWF and partners secure protection for critical rain forest in Sumatra. Thirty Hills is one of the last places on Earth where elephants, tigers and orangutans coexist in the wild.

Why Forests Matter

Wildlife Policy, Wildlife Conservation; Crawford Allan Senior Director. 10 things you can do to save the forests.

Share this page. email; Facebook; I will give you 10 simple tips that you can use at home or at work to reduce your impact and help save forests: 1. Go paperless: Saving forests is simple and we can do it by changing little things in our everyday lives.

By reducing our paper consumption at home. Everyone can help preserve our forests, and help fight deforestation. Forest conservation interventions are best applied at government levels, but individuals can help too.

Save our wildlife and forest for
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