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When it comes to women being seen as the abuser or aggressor in an intimate relationship, there is the misconception that only men are capable of being abusive. But the number of cases that are reported every year raise a high alarm. Also, there are incidences where women are abusive towards other women who may be their lover, friend, or family member.

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The victims of domestic abuse should not expect improvements: And in at least half of the wife abusing families, the children were battered as well. Statistics show that many people who are abused in their childhood become abusers themselves.

Having stricter laws and regulations is important since most abusers are given a slap on the wrist, and it usually does not teach them a lesson at all. Conclusion Boys learn violence by watching grown ups. People who are abused tend to think that there is no way out because they are so dependant on their partner.

But generally domestic violence is a result of cumulative irresponsible behaviour demonstrated by a section of the society. Using the relatively accepted Freudian model, which claims that all mental illness stems from traumatic childhood trauma, one can see how there is a direct correlation between violence in the family of orientation and violence within the family Preventing domestic violence essays procreation.

If the police were called for help with domestic violence, they no longer ignored it. We have to stop putting a bandage on domestic violence and cure the disease at its core. But the frequency and degree of violence escalates with time. Facts About Domestic Violence, "http: As children spend most of their time in school it become the very place to motive them not to be aggressive and violent against girls and women.

There needs to be a change in how law enforcement responds to domestic violence incidences because in some cases the woman may be the abuser and not the man. Psychological abuse means intense and repetitive humiliation, creating isolation, and controlling the actions of the victim through intimidation or manipulation.

It has also been found that many abusers share the same personality disorders such as lack of empathy, as well as depression. Law gives an effective shelter and deals strictly with the culprits. Thus an epidemic of violence within the family of orientation is a primary cause of psychological disfunction--in specific, violent conflict resolution--which is responsible for the breakdown of the entire social order.

Together, all these different sub-systems make up the one big system i. But, no matter how wrong the wife is, there is little, if no, justification for spousel abuse within a civil society.

It has existed since the beginning of civilization because the problem is not just nurture, but also nature. Why Does He Do That? Using the Systems Theory as a theoretical framework helps show the resonating effect of such violence. They are angry with the people who are so indifferent to them and they become sure nobody is honestly able to understand them and become and violent Bancroft, While thinking only about the fact that exposure to violence causes boys to be violent in future, teachers and parent should not forget that love is the tool to teach the child to be understanding and patient, to be loving and non-aggressive.

It is a vicious cycle of abuse, where the wife is almost literally chained to the husband. Try to help others become educated and informed by inviting speakers to your professional organization, house of worship, civic group or workplace.

After researching various causes of domestic violence, one can conclude that it usually starts with a controlling personality to control another person.

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This is achieved by behavior that can be classified as frightening, intimidating, terrorizing, hurtful, humiliating, blaming, injuring, wounding, and so on The Hotline. There are various kinds of tactics that are adopted by the attacker against the victim.Domestic Violence Thesis Statement Domestic violence is characterized as consistently abusive conduct by one individual against another involved in an intimate relationship, for A necessary to clearly state from the introduction that you have a particular point of view on domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a pattern of repeated behavior whereby there is a violent tendency of any other form of abuse conducted by one person in the domestic context. The violence involves the partner being. Domestic Violence and Abuse in Australia ANT: Cultural Anthropology Tristan Marble August 25, Domestic Violence and Abuse in Australia Domestic violence is a significant social issue that has a major impact upon the health of women in society.

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Intimate partner violence (IPV), also termed domestic violence, is the most common form of violence against women. (Watt and Zimmerman, ) Wesley defined domestic violence as "any behavior which is intended to cause unwanted harm, either physical (e.g., sexual or physical assault, and murder) or nonphysical (e.g., intimidation & malicious insults) to a romantic partner".

- Domestic abuse, also known as domestic violence, can occur between two people in an intimate relationship. The abuser is not always the man; it can also be the woman.

Domestic abuse can happen between a woman and a man, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman. Essay Domestic Violence Introduction Domestic Violence Against Women is a global issue reaching across national boundaries as well as socio-economic, cultural, racial and class distinctions.

It is a problem without frontiers. Not only is the problem widely dispersed geographically, but its incidence is also extensive, making it a typical and accepted behavior.

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Preventing domestic violence essays
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