Persuasive writing lesson plans high school

Students are to find an example of a persuasive piece from the newspaper, television, radio, magazine, or billboards around town and be ready to report back to class during Session 2.

Call students up to the chart to place their notes in the column that expresses their opinion. Only then do we start fixing the smaller mistakes.

Encourage students to use "powerful words" in their arguments. Divide your class into teams of 4—5 students, depending on your class size. What does this look like? Ask students to share some examples of when people tried to persuade them or times when they tried to persuade someone else.

Either persuade the school board to eliminate Study Hall or keep it on the schedule. That practice will continue for as long as I keep this up.

If your parent takes the job, it would mean that your family would relocate during Thanksgiving break. At this time, I also show them a model of a piece of writing that meets the requirements of the assignment.

High school athletes must maintain a passing grade in each class to be eligible to participate in sports. Upon completion, invite speakers to present their argument to the class. Your friend Dora has lost interest in school and her grades are suffering. Lesson Directions Day 1 Step 1: Use the comments section below to share your techniques or ask questions about the most effective ways to teach argumentative writing.

The Game of Persuasion

Give students a chance to share the reasons behind their choices. An activity like This or That one of the classroom icebreakers I talked about last year would be perfect here: Using a document camera or overhead projector, I start from scratch, thinking out loud and scribbling down my thoughts as they come.

Ask them to write this information on each card clearly: Have students recall some words or phrases that the speakers used. This overview will be most helpful to those who are new to teaching writing, or teachers who have not gotten good results with the approach you have taken up to now.

Point out that some of the speakers from the argument activity used particular words that persuaded us to think a certain way. Each group will be given an argument and their job is to discuss and generate ideas for persuasion.

Assign those words to the volunteers. Explain that sometimes when you play games the winner gets a reward and that at the end of this game the winning team will get the reward you have chosen see Preparation, Step 1. Here they are still doing verbal argument, but the experience should make them more likely to appreciate the value of evidence when trying to persuade.

A Step-by-Step Plan for Teaching Argumentative Writing

Contact Us Listen to this post as a podcast: Although I know many of the people who visit here are not strictly English language arts teachers, my hope is that these posts will provide tons of value to those who are, and to those who teach all subjects, including writing.Home/School Connection: Ask students to revisit their persuasive piece from Persuasion Is All Around You.

This time they will use Check the Strategies to look for the persuasive strategies that the creator of the piece incorporated. High School Persuasive Writing High School Persuasive Reading 7 UNIT: Persuasive Reading & Writing TOPIC: The Purpose of Persuasion LESSON 1 OBJECTIVE: Students will identify the purpose of persuasive techniques used in advertising.

CORE CONTENT: RD-H Students will locate, evaluate, and apply information for a realistic purpose. If you’re a writing teacher in grades and you’d like a classroom-ready unit like the one described above, including mini-lessons, sample essays, and a library of high-interest online articles to use for gathering evidence, take a look at my Argumentative Writing unit.

Just click on the image below and you’ll be taken to a page where you can read more. Persuasive Writing Lesson Plans. has a library full of persuasive writing lesson plans catered for your students.

Can You Convince Me? Developing Persuasive Writing

Have your students improve their writing skills and learn how to formulate support statements for their own opinions. Ramp up your instruction on persuasive writing with a text lesson and an in-class writing assignment. Take it a step further if you'd like with suggestions for supplementary activities and related lessons.

Century High School is considering eliminating study hall from the school schedule. While this would force you to take another class and earn additional credits, it would eliminate time to study.

Mini Lesson 1 to continue their study of persuasive writing. This lesson plan prompts students to write persuasive letters and lobby for.

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Persuasive writing lesson plans high school
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