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After five decades of scientific research and publishing, Mel still enjoys the illusion that his best idea and best paper is his next one. The centre is focussed on providing a new, evolutionary perspective on cancer risk, cancer clone development and drug resistance.

Mr. Z. Edmord Greaves

Mel is a strong supporter of science communication to the wider public. With a broad educational background, Professor Greaves initially training in zoology and immunology in the sixties at University College in London and Stockholm.

Earlier in his career, Professor Greaves pioneered immunological methods to differentiate between types of leukaemia, which improved understanding of the disease and allowed treatments to be better tailored to patients.

He is the author of two popular science books: He is looking for more evidence that children exposed to infections as babies develop a normal immune response and receive some protection against leukaemia, while children who are not exposed until later in life — generally those from affluent societies - are at higher risk.

In he completed a science book for teenagers principally his own grandchildren: He has been trying to work out what triggers the clinical emergence of leukaemia when children are between two and five years old, and has accumulated evidence that incriminates an abnormal immune response to infection and the cytokine molecule TGF beta.

At the time, little was known about the disease, and Professor Greaves began a lifelong study — initially at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund now the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute - into its biology in the hope of improving patient diagnosis, treatment options and ultimately prevention.

Evolutionary principles provide a key framework for these studies. Professor Greaves enjoys classical music, opera, the theatre, many sports all too passively now and being a grandfather. Read news Professor Greaves and his team made a major discovery at the ICR in the s when studies on identical twins and neonatal blood spots identified mutations that initiated leukaemia before birth.


See all news stories on our website that feature the work of Professor Greaves and colleagues. He was drawn into cancer research in the mids when, as a young father, he visited a cancer ward at a London hospital and met children stricken with leukaemia.Visualizza il profilo di Edmord Greaves su LinkedIn, la più grande comunità professionale al mondo.

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Mr. Z. Edmord Greaves (National Consultant), County Agriculture Coordinator, Grand Cape Mount County Sub-Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Liberia and.

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Mr z edmord greaves
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