Literature review on job satisfaction and performance

Organizational behavior 9th ed. Two CRNAs commented on this repressed conflict: The objective of this paper is to analyse the impact of working environment on employee job satisfaction.

Allowing workers to be responsible for their job by giving them authority and control. This antagonism prompts conflict. Just as inter-professional competition such as nurse practitioners and physicians occurs, so does interdepartmental competition. Previous article in issue.

This commitment can be influenced by many different demographic characteristics: Not only does it decrease productivity, but also can lead to employee turnover.

Human factors: Lighting, thermal comfort, working space, noise and vibration

When assessing a task, employers should also consider whether noise might interfere with safety-critical communications. One note is that people vary in who they like, so this factor of job satisfaction will mean different jobs are better for different people. However, compromise was found to be the most prominent style of choice among doctors and nurses working in five Israeli hospitals, whereas a qualitative study done in a Norwegian hospital determined that physicians and nurses used avoidance, compromise, and dominating styles depending on the contextual factors of perceived interrelationship between the members, and the urgency of taking action regarding the situation Leever et al.

She continues that by addressing negative conflict early on, workplace relations are strengthened and a healthier environment is developed.

Many people spend a considerable proportion of their waking hours at work. The effects of intrapersonal, intragroup, and intergroup conflict on team performance effectiveness and work satisfaction.

This has been confirmed in correlational studies Clark and Oswald, ; Hamermesh, for job dissatisfaction, Frey and Stutzer, ; Luttmer, for happiness. Communication, whether verbal, non-verbal, or lacking, can result in negative conflict.

With the exponential rising costs of health care, hospitals are forced to do more with less.

Organizational commitment

However, they also noted that in the workplace, they would not respond according to those textbook ideals Phillips, Figure 1 Forrest plot of the Hunter-Schmidt corrected meta-analysis. Embedded in Socio-technical Systems are motivational assumptions, such as intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.

This claim receives some support from two large surveys. This type of communication can include gossip, harsh language, rumor spreading, criticizing, bickering, and degrading comments Chipps et al. The vast majority of literature involves studies of nurse and physician-nurse conflict.

Non-verbal cues such as ignoring, facial expressions, and body language can trigger conflict. Data was collected through a self-administered survey questionnaire. Developing constructive and proactive conflict management strategies in healthcare.

A review and synthesis.

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Conflict is more apt to take place under certain circumstances; by making themselves aware of these antecedents, organizational leaders can prepare for it and intervene when appropriate. This paper may benefit society by encouraging people to contribute more to their jobs and may help them in their personal growth and development.

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Harwood Academic Publishers, One in particular stated that the working relationship between the two groups was collaborative. What are the costs of employee turnover? Theoretically, an individual may have high satisfaction with many facets of their job but still feel overall job dissatisfaction for example, they may enjoy the facets of their job but be unhappy about the organisation they are working in.

Society tends to lend the term conflict a negative connotation.

Job satisfaction research

Employees who are involved in an activity from start to finish are usually more satisfied. It becomes clear that affective commitment equals an attitude toward a target, while continuance and normative commitment are representing different concepts referring to anticipated behavioral outcomes, specifically staying or leaving.

Nurse practitioners are advanced nurses who, in some states within the United States have prescriptive privileges and may set up autonomous clinical practices, much to the consternation of some physicians who at one time did not have to share that right.

Job and life satisfaction:In an environment of tension and division of labor such as Healthcare Services, the performance of employees is one of the most basic challenges. Volume 2 ;Issue 2; March ; ISSN International Journal on Global Business Management and Research Influence of Job Satisfaction on Employees’ Performance – A general Perspective.

International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences MayVol. 3, No. 5 ISSN: Aziri B. JOB SATISFACTION: A LITERATURE REVIEW MANAGEMENT RESEARCH AND PRACTICE VOL. 3 ISSUE 4 () PP: 77 Management Research and Practice Volume 3, Issue 4 / December System Outage: The Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) is currently experiencing a technical issue with DS Logon which is causing severe latency or Errors for DS Logon end users.

To survey the literature, we familiarised ourselves with the latest work on positive psychology by reading all of ‘Flourish’ and ‘Learned Optimism’ by Seligman, ‘Stumbling on Happiness’ by Gilbert, ‘Drive’ by Pink, and several review papers.

We also did a Google Scholar search for.

Literature review on job satisfaction and performance
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