Learning and development vs human resource development essay

HRD ultimately leads to higher productivity, lower costs and successful growth in the organisation. A quality circle is a small group of employees doing similar or related work who meet regularly to identify, analyse and solve product related problems and to improve general relations.

What is the difference between training and learning and development?

This competition allows only the industries strong in all respects to continue in the market and the other industries are forced to withdraw from the market.

It uses knowledge drawn from psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics and political science for planning and implementing various programmes for the development of individuals, groups and the organisation.

From the social and cultural points of view, the development of human resources helps people lead fuller and richer lives, less bound to tradition. On the basis of the above mentioned definitions, the following features of HRD may be identified: An organisation can do better if it invests in technology development and improvement of human systems, training is crucial for both of these.

Inadequate working and living conditions produce adverse mental and physical effect on the employees, which leads to decline in their efficiency and ultimately in die overall productivity of the organisation.

Essay on Human Resources Development (HRD)

While qualitative data will be collected from these companies as well, through focus group discussions. Organisational requirements, in turn are the basis to determine the future requirements of various roles in the organisation.

HRD also improves team spirit in the organisation. These include economics, psychology, sociology, learning theory, performance improvement, etc.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Developing team work is another essential for the implementation of HRD.

Employee capabilities must continuously be acquired, sharpened, and used. No organisation is immune to the need for processes that help to acquire and increase its capabilities for stability and renewal.

HRD should pay more attention to the development of their emotional intelligence. Available online on the following link http: Grieves and Redman argued that the distinguishing characteristics of HRD are that it is a strategic intervention where there is some devolvement of responsibility to line managers and which assumes a positive set of attitudes to learning with an emphasis on the workplace as a context for learning.

Actions that spring from an emotional mind carry a particularly strong sense of certainty that cannot be justified or explained by the rational mind. Thus, HRD approach focusses on the optimum utilisation of valuable human resources through tapping their potential energy to vitalize, activate and renew an organisation to generate dynamism and development.

HRD develops new skill, knowledge and attitude of the people in the concern organisations. History, tradition, values form the basis of the programme with sessions on teamwork and creativity. HRD helps the organisation in procuring the right people at the right time and in making their effective use.The fundamental difference between training and learning and development is that the later takes a multi-dimensional approach to human resource development (HRD).

Example Essay On Human Resource Development. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Furthermore, some writers (Burgoyne ) see this strategic learning perspective of human resources development as one of the ultimate level of the strategic integration of management development and business planning.

Learning and Development vs Human Resource Development Essay Sample

Alternatively, this thinking has led to. Human Resource Development: Definition & Importance Human resource development is the process by which an organization adds value to their organization by adding value to their employees.

Human Development Essay. Scientific Method and Human Development. Words | 8 Pages Introduction of Study: Human Resource Development (HRD) at micro level or organizational level is a process by which employees of an organization are helped in systematic and continuous way to: Develop their personal and organizational skills.

Essay on Human Resources. Article Shared by. ADVERTISEMENTS: Human resource development can make the people knowledgeable, skilled and physically fit.

Essay on Human Resource Development

Essay # 3. Role of Human Resource in Economic Development: Human resources are playing an important role in attaining economic development of a country.

Economic development. ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this essay to learn about Human Resource Development. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Introduction to Human Resource Development 2.

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Concept of Human Resource Development 3. Significance 4. Framework 5. Techniques 6.

Essay on Human Resources

Outcomes. Contents: Introduction to Human Resource Development .

Learning and development vs human resource development essay
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