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Unneutered male stray cats live only two years or less on average North Shore Animal League America, n. Sterilization is the best, if not the only, solution to controlling animal populations and reducing the problems associated with it. However, with pet ownership comes a responsibility to care for the animal for the rest of its life.

Dogs and cats can be delightful buddies but there are also a number of complications linked with possession of pets, both for the community and the animal.

In addition to the individual benefits of spaying and neutering for the animals and the animal custodian, spaying and neutering also benefits the animal population as a whole. Many pets are dropped off in the country to either starve or find a new owner.

Strays can also cause as well as be the victim of automobile accidents North Shore Animal League America, n. Personal essays let the writer use dialogue, setting, point of view, and characterization as needed.

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Preventing animal suffering is an ethical duty, which is why spaying and neutering can be considered ethical obligations for all animal lovers.

Animals who are spayed and neutered will live longer, healthier lives. To promote spaying and neutering, communities should do more to develop programs like low-cost options for low-income families who want a pet in their lives.

In female cats and dogs, spaying removes the reproductive organ causing the "heat cycles. In addition to community health and safety benefits, there are also cost-saving benefits to spaying and neutering pets.

The ethical benefits of companion animal sterilization include improving the health of the animal and reducing the number of animals who are neglected, abused, or killed.

The benefits of caring for a dog and cat are immeasurable. Sterilization is a reliable, straightforward, and relatively cost-effective procedure that prevents unnecessary and preventable animal suffering and death, and which prevents the risks associated with lawsuits as well.

From aggressive dogs biting humans to aggressive dogs biting other dogs, spaying and neutering can reduce liabilities associated with irresponsible pet ownership or the presence of feral animals.

In great conditions, pets are fed, cherished and loved, like a family member. Personal essays represent what the writer thinks and feels about a essay examples.

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Essay Writing Blog. Some irresponsible or selfish pet owners allow too much freedom for their animals which can upset neighbors if their garden is disrupted, some pet owners never correctly train their animals so certain behavioral issues such as extreme barking or aggression can be an issue between neighbors as well.

Irresponsible pet owners essay writing - help sat essay April 12, Uncategorized @rosietriveter @whited_79 ben franklin did an essay you can read on the iroquoian people's.(a sub (cont). The causes of overpopulation are due to overbreeding, choosing not to adopt, people disposing of their pets, and irresponsible pet owners who choose not to neuter.

Personal essays represent what the writer thinks and feels about a topic. Details are important in getting the reader involved.

While a quote is given as evidence, most of the writing is expressing anger toward irresponsible pet owners. This essay expresses the point of view of the writer about abandoned pets making this a personal essay. These animals are suffering and being put to death only because some pet owners have been too neglectful, irresponsible, or too stubborn.

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Sterilization is the best, if not the only, solution to controlling animal populations and reducing the problems associated with it.

Irresponsible pet owners essay writer
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