Expanding access to the international baccalaureate essay

Or do you enjoy English because you like to analyze texts? What did you like about that specific chapter? I needed a topic that fueled the desire to expand my knowledge.

I recommend spending an hour on this type of brainstorming. You can see from how varied the topics are that you have a lot of freedom when it comes to picking a topic.

The early bird DOES get the worm! Submit an outline of your EE and a bibliography of potential research sources I recommend at least to your EE advisor.

International Baccalaureate

The body of your EE should make up the bulk of the essay. You will be reading many, many articles and, depending on your topic, possibly books, plays, and watching movies. It allowed me to get carried away with the research for my essay, compiling over 30 pages of research findings.

IBO does not require any paperwork. If you have a teacher who is passionate and knowledgeable about your topic as my English teacher was about my Theatre topicyou can ask that instructor. What was your favorite chapter you learned in that class?

Meet with your EE advisor to discuss your outline.

Extended essay

You likely will not get your grade until after you graduate. If you are still unsure, ask your advisor! Here are some added tips and tactics I found helpful during the extended essay process: I took time to reflect on what I was interested in and what I would love to learn about outside of class.

An essay that has unclear or poor organization will be graded poorly. My desire to expand my knowledge in this subject area motivated my research and writing. There was no theatre teacher at my school, so I could not find a theatre-specific advisor, but I chose the next best thing.

She could help me design my experiment. I had learned about this time-period in my DP history SL class, but we did not cover censorship and the control of visual arts culture.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity for personal growth and intellectual expansion I spent hours of my summer in a nearby college library and online databases researching. Ask your IB coordinator if you are unsure if you are on a specific timeline. Extended essays are marked by external assessors examiners appointed by the IB on a scale of 0 to Choose an Advisor Who Will Push You to Be Your Best Some teachers may just take on students because they have to and may not be passionate about reading drafts and may not give you a lot of feedback.

If your school needs a Form signed, make sure you bring it with you when you ask a teacher to be your EE advisor.

Making the most of your extended essay: choosing a topic

Do NOT just ask your favorite teacher to be your advisor. February of Junior Year: Start by figuring out which classes you enjoy the most and why you enjoy them. Have fun with it! I compared two plays to show a transition in British Theatre.

However, you could possibly write about how the conditions in German POW camps were directly affected by the Nazis successes and failures. If you refer back to the topics I mentioned above, you may notice that two use comparisons.

So, how do you pick when the options are limitless? I switched my topic at the start of the research process because I realized my first topic was not something I was passionate about and I was having trouble motivating myself to research.

Instead of feeling like I had to go research my topic, I wanted to continuously find more resources and information. I genuinely think my Extended Essay helped me get my scholarship.

I will help you with that next: How do you find a topic you are passionate about? This will help you organize your research and make incremental progress time management.

Your dedication and enjoyment will shine through your writing! I highly recommend selecting a subject area that interests you especially if it is a subject area that you are not studying and in which you can select a topic that you are interested in.Want help on the IB Extended Essay?

Here's our complete guide, full of example ideas, essay topics, timeline, step by step plans to get a great score on your essay.

I recommend reading our other introductory IB articles first: What is the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program? and Most schools allow you to pick your advisor (an IB. The extended essay is an independent, self-directed piece of research, finishing with a 4,word paper.

One component of the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) core, the extended essay is mandatory for all students. It is built around the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. Our track record with the IB will help to expand your horizons, increase your talents study with access to PCs and WiFi, a well-resourced Careers Library and a Sixth Form Common Room where.

What Are the Benefits of Earning an IB Diploma? March 30, International Baccalaureate is an overarching organization that administers a number of different educational programs for students ages 3 to Its curricula are used by specially trained teachers at certified schools throughout the world, and it prides itself on providing.

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IB Diploma Prepares Students for Global Universities The International Baccalaureate program can equip high schoolers with skills to earn an undergraduate degree overseas.

Essay on Expanding Access to the International Baccalaureate socioeconomic divide (Resnik, ). Similarly, the IBO evolved during an earlier time of turbulent political and social change.

Expanding access to the international baccalaureate essay
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