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Let us first trace the causes of such a grave problem so that we may be able to suggest some remedies to minimize its severity. No master-plan has ever been launched to meet the needs of the growing population. These power plants should be expanded and upgraded.

Failure of electricity hampers productivity. Domestic life becomes painful. If we take such measures right now, we will be able to save our nation from total disaster. The issue of circular debts is not something new when it comes to energy crisis.

Utilizing foreign aid, sole large-scale projects should be started immediately so that e needs will be fulfilled more easily.

If Govt can not mange it properly so contract should be made with foreign investor like China. Nuclear energy should be used as a major source of energy. Even in rainy seasons, our generators cannot produce enough to meet the demands. Every year thousand of villages are electrified and new colonies in urban areas are supplied with electricity.

Load-shedding occurs when generation of power is less than the demand and also for unplanned distribution of electricity.

Load Shedding Paragraph

Fresh food preserved in refrigeration gets rotten. However this does not provide a permanent solution to the problem because the subsidies given are not sufficient to pull the power supply companies out of difficulty. With power cut, supply of drinking water, etc. We want to get rid of this problem.

This will enable this organization to launch new projects of power generation. Such a thing is not possible if we have sufficient supply of power. In short the government is not doing the right precautions and means to supply the electricity to every individual in Pakistan.

Immediate demands can be fulfilled only by importing power from neighbors. Pakistan is an atomic power but still not producing atomic energy in vast scale. Keeping in view the tropical climatic conditions of our country, it can easily be imagined what happens with a common man when there are extraordinarily long gaps of power breakdown.

Line losses are also getting out of control.Load Shedding Paragraph: The people living in the areas supplied with electricity are quite familiar with the term load-shedding. There is hardly any area which is not affected by load-shedding. Load-shedding means the discontinuation of supply of occurs when generation of power is less than.

Essay on Load Shedding with Outline is here for students of different classes to get prepared. Load Shedding Essay will discuss the reasons for Load Shedding in Pakistan.

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This essay will discuss the effects, reasons and solutions. Free Essays on Load Shedding In Pakistan. Get help with your writing. 1 through Effects of load shedding Essay Sample.

While countries in the west move towards enlightenment, Pakistan is moving towards darkness. The country suffering at the hands of corrupt politicians and terrorism has much graver problems and one of them is. Essay On Load Shedding in Pakistan Problem and Solutions, There are plenty of resources for Essay On Load shedding by using proper means you can easily proper Load shedding Essay and also Paragraph On Load shedding.

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Essay on loadsheding
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