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Road Accident

The police placed the driver of the truck under arrest and charged him with negligent and rash driving. The increased use of mobile phones is also a factor which poses a challenge to rod safety. In such cases, traffic laws and rules helps us a lot to keep away from the road accidents and injury.

It protects against head and neck injuries by minimizing head contacts and keeps the passenger in place. Drivers must rest well as the lack of it can have an adverse effect on mental alertness, slow down reflexes, and even cause momentary sleepiness behind the wheel.

Respect for other drivers on the road is sacrosanct to road safety. They do not observe speed limits. Everyone going on the road especially drivers must be to the left and let other vehicles pass on the opposite direction to pass.

Traffic rules have been designed with safety foremost in mind. They drive at high speeds even in small lanes. There is no cooperation and coordination between various agencies and authorities concerned with the control and regulation of road traffic construction and maintenance of roads and those granting licenses to the drivers and registration to the vehicles.

An Indian Scenario N. The principles of intervention are as follows: The writing on the wall is in bold and clear letters. They cause road accidents. It involves various methods and measures which must be followed by the road users to prevent serious injury and accidents.

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He was found to be dead drunk. They drive buses and Lorries and are drug addicts or alcoholics at the same time. Students are also responsible for road accidents.

The rescue means will be supplied by the rescue centre traffic control and by the neighbouring emergency services. They do not care to wear crash helmets.

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In such condition, it needs people to follow traffic rules and road safety rules to practice safe driving in careful manner. Intervention and rescue measures The control of all accidents is, in the first instance, the responsibility of the commander chief and personnel of the affected means of transport.

They should never run on the roads, should not be in hurry or leaving parents hand and be calm. Falling asleep behind the wheel has led to many grave mishaps on the road.

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Based on the Ops Sikap statistics, for year There are many causes of accident on the road. Parents should teach their children to be extra attentive and look everywhere left and right before crossing the road street.

Essay on “Road Accidents” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

They need to be more cautious on the road without getting distracted by anything. The motorists often do not acknowledge that the vehicles on the right should be allowed to move first.

These phones have added further to the already worsening situation of road deaths and accidents.roAd Accidents in indiA Dinesh MOHAN Volvo chair Professor, Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Programme, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, India (Received March 30, ) 1.

introduction The number of vehicles registered in India is shown in Table 1. Road accidents take place in big cities almost every day. Sometimes, these accidents prove to be fatal. Two main factors responsible for road accidents are heavy traffic on roads and rash driving.

Bus Accident at Keirao on 10 March Pix - Jinendra Maibam Road transport in lndia is very popular for various reasons, but the condition of lndian roads is very poor and deplorable. The rate at road-accidents and fatality in the country is very high. People safety on the road is one of the most important aspects in order to avoid road side accidents, injury, and death.

We can judge the importance of road safety on the basis of national statistical data about total reported accidents and death. Almost 42% cases involve pedestrians and one way road users.

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Road Safety Essay

Just after midnight on December 3,a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India had a chemical leak accident. The chemical that was released into the air is called methyl isocyanate, or MIC, used to make pesticides.

Essay on accidents in india
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