Essay about disadvantages of handphone

Advantages and disadvantages of handphone essay spm

Cells for handphone base stations were invented in by Bell Labs engineers. This enables studentswho come from different background to grab the opportunity and further their studies for higher levels.

It usually happens when they use the handphone for useless or dangerous information. Handphone technology has improved drastically in the last few years. SMS text messaging was worth over billion dollars in annual revenues in and the worldwide average of messaging use is 2. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of bringing the handphone to school.

Poor academic work Many children around the world own cell phones. In addition, bringing the handphone to school may increase social problems such as bullying and theft.

Nevertheless, they managed to complete the draft successfully. Worse enough, cell phones have been accused of causing the highest number of divorce.

There are even students who come from other countries to study here. In friendship, they are likely to procrastinate when they started to SMS their friend. Therefore, teacher can use the remaining time to continue the curriculum.

The disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. The younger generation is less to socialization as compared to the generation of the past because of too much concentration on the cell phone.

Pod casting, live broadcasting, replying in real time to polls and quizzes in class, photo sharing, video sharing, and research online are just some of the ways this tool can be used in class. Take note that a 5 paragraph essay outline is constructed in parts for easy development not the best topic but simple and fun will do for educational purposes.

For one thing, handphone can be used to make emergency calls. Students can use these functions to help them in their lesson. This has had an adverse effect on their socialization with their peers. Handphone are a most useful tool.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Handphone

Since handphones are lower in price for families with plans that allow air time to be shared between family members, it is entirely possible to provide children with handphones. The costs of purchasing a digital camera or a personal digital assistant have then been reduced. For example, the students can use the calculator function of the handphone during Mathematics lesson.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones Essay Sample

Secondly, bringing handphone to school is important for the lesson. On the other side of the coin, bringing the handphone to school may cause unwanted distractions.

Well-thought-out handphone policies enable schools to continue to reflect the society they serve. We set up a process where students who want to bring their handphone can do so, but they have to first register with us.Handphone also known as mobile phone or cell phone or smart phone, and is an electronic device used for mobile telecommunications (mobile telephony, text messaging or data transmission) over a cellular network of specialized base stations known as cell sites.

Martin Cooper invented the handphone. He is a Motorola researcher and executive. Aug 12,  · With the advance in handphone technology, is it possible to bring handphone to school?

Like everything else, there are advantages and disadvantages. I feel that the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of bringing the handphone to school. For one thing, handphones can make the lesson easier. A handphone has a lot of usages.

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Ismobile phone really that important? There are a lot of disadvantages of using mobile phones which involves children from age 6 until Health, financial and social issuesare among of the topics that related with the disadvantages of using mobile phonesfor children.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cell Phones (Handphone) In Modern Times

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Essay about disadvantages of handphone
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