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For a moment, I say. She immediately suspects that Abigail will accuse her next and encourages her husband to travel to Salem. Overall, Elizabeth is a blameless victim.

Crucible, John and Elizabeth Proctor

Though she lies in an attempt to protect her husband, it actually ends up damning him. Suspicion kissed you when I did; I never knew how I should say my love. Unfortunately, this is really bad timing.

Despite being ill and unforgiving, Elizabeth is depicted as an insightful Christian woman. It were a cold house I kept!

Describe the character of Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible.

I have read my heart this three month, John. Whatever you will do, it is a good man does it. He turns his doubting, searching gaze upon her. Then let you not earn it. Elizabeth illustrates her support for John by telling him, "I cannot judge you, John" Miller, Elizabeth realizes the consequences attached to allowing Abigail and the others to falsely accuse citizens and urges her husband to reveal the truth.

Elizabeth then takes responsibility for her actions by telling her husband, "John, I counted myself so plain, so poorly made, no honest love could come to me!

By the end of the play, Elizabeth Proctor is portrayed as a courageous, loving wife. Crucible, John and Elizabeth Proctor By: For the most part, though, Elizabeth is a stand-up woman. She is a virtuous woman who is steadfast and true—but these traits also make her a bit of a cold fish. It were a cold house I kept!

In Act 3 Proctor admits to lechery in front of the court; telling them, in reference to Abigail;" it is a whore". The others come in soon after. Click the character infographic to download. Why, then, it is not as you told me.

Do as you wish, then. Suspicion kissed you when I did; I never knew how I should say my love. When she visits John in prison to convince him to confess in order to save his life, John asks Elizabeth what she wants him to do. For a moment alone, aye. His anger soon dies away when the men come to arrest Elizabeth; he becomes angry and protective and begs them not to chain her, displaying his passionate love for her despite their earlier spat.

When the audience is introduced to Elizabeth Proctor in Act Two, she is presented as a cold, suspicious wife who has not forgiven her husband for having an affair with Abigail Williams. She immediately suspects that Abigail will accuse her And, of course, her hatred of Abigail is understandable.

Now he turns away a little, in great agony. Elizabeth Proctor is depicted as a morally upright woman, who is somewhat dull and callous, particularly towards the beginning of the play. She tells him of Mary Warren going to Salem Proctor talks to her in a very condescending way, and throughout the convocation she learns that he was alone with Abigail she becomes very suspicious and he in reaction to this becomes angry and stubborn as she gently interrogates him she then appears to lose all faith in him.

You were alone with her? She turns to him. When we first seem John and Elizabeth it appears to be the perfect household. It is not my soul, John, it is yours. Once he then asks for forgiveness, but she tells him that it is only him that can forgive himself, to this he retorts with "oh your justice would freeze beer".Free Essays on The Crucible: John Proctor's Adultery and its Consequences - The Crucible - John Proctor's Adultery and its Consequences A topic of The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is how John Proctor's adultery eventually makes him a better husband.

Elizabeth Proctor has a complex role in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible,” the play that uses the Salem Witch Trials of the s to criticize the witch-hunt for communists during the “Red Scare” of the s. Character Analysis of Elizabeth Proctor from The Crucible by Arthur Miller In the late sixteen hundreds, the fear of witchcraft was a major concern amongst New Englanders.

Elizabeth's reaction to the affair also reveals a bit of a vindictive streak. When she discovered her husband's sin, she gave Abby the boot and then proceeded to drop a.

 Jennifer Abrego Mr. Elkins English III 24 October The Crucible: Elizabeth Proctor Many critics see Arthur Miller as the greatest dramatist of the 20th century.

His most famous play was established in it was known as The Crucible. The Crucible:Elizabeth Proctor Out of all the characters,in my opinion, Elizabeth is the best character in the cast in the Crucible.

She was a faithful wife, a good mother, and strong in her faith/religion.

Elizabeth proctor essays crucible
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