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Write down the state transition table for this circuit. Attach binary switches at the inputs and logic probes at the outputs.

The oxide insulating layer can be damaged by frequent rewrite. The floating gate is separated from the control gate by a thin oxide layer. State Diagram of Counter Figure 5. However the archetypal EEPROM still had to be taken out of the computer or electronic device of which it was part if any reprogramming was necessary.

Demonstrate it to the TA. To configure an EEPROM chip, an electric field produced by the charge pump is applied locally to cells marked for modification. To eliminate the necessity of external programming, Perlegos and company made the insulating layer thinner and integrated an oscillator and capacitor circuit into the memory chip itself.

Check that the PROM is a full adder by using binary switches and probes. Also explain the equipment you used, what each team member did, and any difficulties you encountered and how you solved them. State Diagram of MC2. Counter has two outputs Y1,Y0 which is also the state of the circuit.

Designing a simple combinational circuit You will design a circuit that adds three bits A, B, and C. The figures can be embeded within the text or attached at the end of the report.

Select binary switches and probes from the demolib and attach them to MC1. State Transition Table of Counter Figure 6.

What to Turn In Turn in a report per team with the following: Have the TA check it. You will implement it as a Mealy circuit with a for the state register and a PROM for the combinational circuit. One of the inputs is the clock input, and the other input is called "Control".

Write down the truth table of MC1.

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The thinner oxide layer means lower voltage requirements for initiating changes in cell value. The user can alter the value of certain cells without needing to erase the programming on other cells.

The TA will tell you exactly where to download, e. Verify that your PROM satisfies the truth table. Truth Table of MC1. Print out of the Logicworks circuits that contains Counter attached to logic switches and probes.

Thus, with each clock transition, the output changes as follows: You may assume that the output equals the state. Demonstrate it to the TA when you have it working.

A. Objectives

The table should have four columns in the following order: Designing a simple sequential circuit The circuit is called "Counter" and has two inputs. It is also composed of cells with two transistors.

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Whenever you need to send a file that is too large for e-mail, can help. If you need secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups, Many types of memory exist in computers, which store information anywhere from a few milliseconds to a year or longer.

Electronically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) acts as a special type of memory that stores information indefinitely. EELab 2: Designing Circuits in Logicworks A. Objectives. Warm Up Exercises Download the Mystery Circuit Parts Library (MCLib) You will implement it as a Mealy circuit with a for the state register and a PROM for the combinational circuit.

Write down the state transition table for this circuit. The table should have four.

Ee prom write anything to warm
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