Debate society should not discriminate ex convicts

Should the state make rights restoration automatic for felons after release from prison or probation? Yet one of the most intimate connections people can have with their community — the right to vote — is denied an estimated 18, ex-convicts released from prison and probation each year in Arizona.

Most of the ex-convicts Fields has seen are more concerned about their right to bear arms than to vote, he said. It would also limit the liability faced by employers when the decide not to hire ex-convicts. Debate society should not discriminate ex convicts man did not want to be identified for this article.

On average in the United States, 95 percent of state inmates are eventually released, according to the Bureau of Justice. Not surprisingly, there has been heated debate.

Convie said she has met many ex-convicts who are in similar situations: Eighteen European states, including Spain, the Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland, place no formal prohibition on prisoners voting. Advocates for the ex-convicts say that their records make them the victims of discrimination, but a bill that would offer them additional protections while applying for jobs and housing has again sparked debate and pitted elected officials against each other.

Several ex-convicts were approached to talk about why they wanted their rights back, but refused, fearing a backlash from friends, neighbors and co-workers who were unaware of their conviction.

Flick on Jul 03,under Local Study: One in forty Americans of voting age are ineligible to vote because they are, or have been, in prison. Much controversy in the USA results from the fact that, in some states, people who have been in prison are banned from voting for the rest of their lives, even after they have fully served their sentences.

In practice, however, it is often difficult for prisoners in some of these countries to vote: District Court in Phoenix on behalf of four Pima County residents and one Maricopa County resident seeks to have the right to vote, sit on a jury and hold office automatically restored for all ex-felons.

Debate over the latest attempt, which was voted down June 20, grew heated between two local legislators, Reps. Council Chair Phil Mendelson introduced a competing bill that would allow some criminal records to be sealed while implementing certificates of good standing for ex-convicts.

Why We Need to Protect Ex-Con Job Seekers from Discrimination

San Francisco is still drawing up a draft bill and having public hearings; it is not clear when it might actually adopt a law. Chamber of Commerce has fervently opposed the bill, saying that it would open up businesses to costly litigation. Read about why the mentally ill are still bearing arms.

Mendelson would have cast the vote that would have left the bill hung up in committee. Paton did not return phone calls for comment about his opposition to the rights restoration bill. Various groups have tried introducing bills in the Arizona Legislature easing the civil-rights restoration process for everything but firearms, but each effort has failed.

As of Junehowever, there has been no change in UK law on the matter. Even though San Francisco would not be first, its decision to consider making ex-prisoners a protected class has been causing controversy and raising hackles among many conservatives.

Fox News recently announced that the proposal was sparking "outrage" and declared that critics were calling the idea "a crime in itself. Should ex-cons have their rights restored?

Should ex-cons have their rights restored?

Yes, all of them: SinceSouth Africa has had no restrictions on the right of prisoners to vote. Adding to the problem is that employers are far more likely to do criminal-background checks than they once were.

Some states, including Hawaii and Massachusetts, already have protections for former inmates or anyone with an arrest record applying for jobs, as do cities across the country, from Battle Creek, Mich. A Columbia University Human Rights Law Review study found that ex-felon voters in were about half as likely to be rearrested from to as nonvoting ex-felons were.

That rules out a lot of people: A few dozen ex-convicts trickle in to Pima County Superior Court each year asking for their rights to be restored — about 35 last year. The arguments below relate directly to whether those currently serving prison sentences should be allowed to vote, but could readily be adjusted for a debate about whether ex-convicts should have this right.

As a means to a compromise, D. But the judge did restore other rights, such as voting, after the man convinced him he had turned his life around. Arizona law allows for first-time, single-offense felons to have their citizenship rights restored automatically, save gun ownership, once they have been released from jail or prison.

In France and Germany, courts have the power to deprive people of voting rights as an additional punishment, but this is not automatic.Employment Discrimination Against Ex-Offenders: The Promise and Limits of Title VII Disparate Impact Theory lucky few will remain on the margins of society In an age in which access to criminal records is cheap, easy, and.

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Add a New Topic. Should prisoners be given a second chance? so to escape back into their "haven" those convicts commit yet another crime to go back to. The arguments below relate directly to whether those currently serving prison sentences should be allowed to vote, but could readily be adjusted for a debate about whether ex-convicts should have this right.

Jul 03,  · Should ex-cons have their rights restored? by A.J. Flick on Jul 03,under Local. Study: Community ties can reduce recidivism. One of the keys to reducing the chance that ex-convicts land back in prison is strengthening their ties to the community, studies show.

Debate: Prisoners right to vote

a Democrat, who continued their animated debate long. Should convicted felons be allowed to work jobs with real potential, not dead end or hard labor? Debate: Society Should Not Discriminate Ex-Convicts Affirmative 1 Ex - convicts should be given chances to build their life and they should be free from other’s prejudice.

-perceived discrimination is very unfair.

Debate society should not discriminate ex convicts
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